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About us.

In 1998, after working for several years for one of Saskatoon's major home builders, Doug Schmidt started CADvantage Design Ltd.

Today, CADvantage Design is a group of 5 Architectural Technologists that provides custom residential design and drafting services to many contractors and private individuals in Saskatoon and the surrounding areas. We are known for our very easy to read drawings and are the preferred drafting/design firm for many contractors and sub-trades.

The types of projects that we specialize in are:

  • Custom homes & cabins of all sizes and shapes (urban and rural)
  • Legal Secondary Suites & Garage/Garden Suites
  • Residential additions and renovations
  • Basement developments
  • Detached garages
  • Multi-Family: Duplexes, Semi-Detached Dwellings and Street Townhouse Developments
  • Commercial projects: Tennant improvements, office design, Part 9 National Building Code design.

Why choose us?

The choice of a professional to design and draw your next home is an important one. It can mean the difference between a house that you may not like, and your DREAM HOME!

We are:

• Trained Professionals

We design and draw custom residential projects all day, every day. Our primary focus is residential construction - not just a sideline or hobby done afterhours. We are always reachable by telephone, voicemail and email.

• Experienced

Our staff have several decades of experience in the residential construction industry. We have designed and drawn everything from entry level homes through to some of Saskatoon's most luxurious homes.

Over the years we have developed good working relationships with many of Saskatoon's leading sub-trades, suppliers, building officials and inspectors. We regularly talk with them to understand current National and Local Building Codes, and incorporate them into the design and drawings we provide.

We typically are involved in the design and drawing of over 300 projects per year in Saskatoon, and all around Saskatchewan.

• Educated

As architectural technologists, we are more than draftspersons with a CAD system. We are fully trained in building design principals, various construction methods and materials, solid structural design and communicating the design intent to the contractor in a clear and concise manner.

We stay current in our knowledge of the National Building Code by attending periodic classes for new changes to the Code.

We also use only the latest versions of CAD and BIM software.

• Quality

Excellent design and drawings will more than pay for themselves during the course of the build. Bad drawings will cost you many times their initial cost. 

We are known throughout Saskatchewan as providing some of the best quality drawings. Feel free to ask any sub-trade or supplier about this!

We also provide all of our drawings in color - thereby making them even easier to read.

• Support

With the complexity of today's custom homes, questions often arise from sub-trades, suppliers and building officials.

We are always here to assist you in clarifying any these issues.


Our Process

Step 1 - Design Meeting.

This is the first meeting to gather the overview of your project. Overall style, approximate size, budget and wish list items are all discussed and explored. We step you through a checklist of items that will help you think about how you use your home and help us design the perfect space for you.

Step 2 - Preliminary Design Drawings.

We create a set of preliminary drawings that try to capture all of the items from the meeting into a viable design. We consider everything on your list as well as practical issues like building components and local and national building codes to give you a drawing that is meeting your needs and is buildable. We issue floor plan(s), front elevation and site plan at this point. A contractor will be able to give "ball park" pricing with these drawings.

Preliminary Drawings can be easily modified before the final approval is given. We can draw with you in "real time" in our board room so that you can see what happens to a floor plan if different ideas are explored. You will be amazed as what we can do for you!

We work on the preliminary design drawings until you approve them.

Step 3 - Construction Drawings - "Check Set"

With the approval of the preliminary design, we continue adding detail to the drawings to create a set of construction drawings. These drawings contain all the information that is needed to construct the project as well as to apply for a building permit.

The "Check Set" is a complete set of construction drawings, ready for your final review or "Check".

If your project requires the involvement of an engineer, we get them started at this point.

Step 4 - Construction Drawings - "Finals"

Once you approve the check set, we make whatever final revisions you have and then issue the construction drawings. You will receive a PDF file of the complete drawings as well as 10 printed copies (signed by an engineer if req'd).

Contact us.

CADvantage Design
#110 4002 Arthur Rose Ave.
Saskatoon, SK
S7P 0C9

Phone: (306) 373-3805
Toll Free: 1-844-657-3805